Top 4 Best Cowhide Ottomans – The Ultimate Guide

My name is Christina and you probably landed here because you are looking to buy a cowhide ottoman for your home or for a friend. Many disregard buying furniture online but I’ve bought some of my most loved pieces off the internet. Here I display my top 4 cow skin ottomans and also a quick buyers guide below for those new-comers. If you’re looking for a slightly smaller piece of cowhide furniture then take a look at our Cowhide stools and chairs guide.

Top 4 Best Cowhide Ottomans For Your Home

1. Weston Home Roman Cow Hide Fabric Storage Bench

This cow hide ottoman can add to a rustic room design or be the inspiration to transform a dull living space. If you are looking for a unique, functional addition to your furnishings and want the most for your money, the Inspire Q Roman Cow skin Fabric Storage Bench will not disappoint you.

The solid frame means it will withstand mild abuse from everyday living. The many uses for a storage ottoman gives it an advantage over the others. Using it as extra seating or for storage to tidy up a room makes it very versatile and the visual appeal of this soft, plush furniture will draw positive attention.

The functional versatility of this cow hide ottoman makes it a solid investment. The only down side may be that it is faux cowhide. However, being faux cowhide allows it to be more affordable and many customers prefer it to real cowhide due to it being easier to maintain and clean.

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2. Home Creek Cocktail Storage Ottoman

This ottoman coffee table has many functions. In addition to being a stylish modern piece with a western theme, the overall usefulness is exceptional. The padded, cushion topped lids are a great idea that can change the look of the ottoman with minimal work and add value as a table.

The size is perfect for someone looking for large cowhide ottomans and the cowhide-print fabric adds a country feel. The surface area leaves room to sit while still having a portion of the ottoman available as a table top.

Considering the larger size allows for more storage room, it is well suited to you if you are looking for both.

The price is very competitive for its useful factor and the storage capacity is just an added benefit to an already impressive ottoman. Such a large ottoman may not be for everyone.

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3. Convenience Concepts Cowhide Bench

Our third pick goes to this fabulous cowhide bench that cannot fail to make statement. Use it to create a focal point in a den, man-cave or games room. Stand it alongside your kitchen table or out on a covered patio. It is huge and imposing but offers the softest textured micro-velvet finish, that makes you want to lie down, stretch out and relax for hours!

The long bench sits on four exposed tapered legs that are finished in a stunning oak shade that perfectly compliments the white and brown cowhide pattern.

It does require home assembly and due to its size, you would probably need some extra helping hands.

If you are looking to fill up a large empty space with a substantial and trendy piece of furniture, look no further!

4. Bare Decor Peru White Genuine Cowhide Cube Ottoman

If your current ottoman is fraying at the seams and looking really old and battered, this magnificent genuine cowhide leather offering has to be considered. Nothing beats the allure of real leather and that is what enchanted us!

The ottoman comes in one piece, so no assembly is needed, simply unpack and use. It is well constructed with a solid wood frame and reclaimed wood legs that are stained in a warm auburn mahogany shade.

What we enjoyed most were the different looks and colors. Because it is natural real hide, there are fabulous combinations of white, black and brown, making each piece unique and different. Don’t just buy one, get a few, show off your décor skills and mix and match!

The ottoman was very comfortable to sit on and we see this as a piece of furniture that will last for many years to come.

How to buy a cowhide ottoman

The internet really is a web of confusing bits of information and shopping sites. If you are like me, your time is valuable. I have had a few bad experiences that could have been avoided, such as poor quality material and very long delivery times, which could have been avoided if I did a little research. Nobody wants to spend hours, scouring through useless information, searching for that one perfect item. Whether you are physically searching through every store in town or shopping on the internet, the experience can leave a person exhausted.

It is very time consuming to research, price compare and find the right model, size or color of that special item. However, there is an easier way. If you value your time and would rather spend your energy with friends and family, this is definitely for you. Compiling reviews is a lot of work, but you don’t have to. These reviews give you the information you need, to make a smart purchase. I can’t wait to show you what I have found and I’m sure you will love them too if you decide to pull the trigger and buy one of these beauties.

If you are searching for a unique furniture item that would add a personal feel to your living room, take a minute to read my top picks on cowhide ottomans for sale that I would recommend. If your living room needs some spice, this site will help you find just what you are looking for.

A cowhide ottoman would have a unique pattern, add color and hint of the southwest flavor that you will love. It has a sharp, classic style with a ranch home feel. Read reviews before you buy and know exactly what you’re getting. I have done all the work and spent a lot over the past year or two but I love them so much I have picked my best ottomans to share with you.

Types and uses

It can be difficult to have confidence in your choice. Ottomans can be tiny 10” foot stools or large 36” functional and comfortable, additional seating. Maybe it’s because I’m a country girl, originally from Palestine, Texas, but I just love the texture of real cowhide and suede, faux leather is also an option.

Many ottomans open and have storage inside that can be used for T.V. remotes and magazines. They can be used as a foot rest and can be durable enough for seating as well. They can completely replace a boring coffee table as I have done in my own home.

The cowhide ottoman goes perfectly with many styles of furniture and adds the right splash of color. They can look expensive, but many are reasonably priced. They are great conversation starters when bringing round family and friends.


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