Home Creek Cowhide-Print Storage Cocktail Ottoman Review

This is a very bold ottoman by Home Creek. Its dimensions are fairly large at 36”L x 36”W x 17”H and weighs 62 pounds. This Cowhide ottoman, square in design, is unique because it can transform into a coffee table. Four separate padded cushions make up the lid portion and when the individual cushion is turned over, it becomes a table top surface. This ottoman also boasts of four separate storage compartments located under each cushion top. The cowhide print fabric is bold enough to offset other furniture and colors, while adding life to a typical living room.  The combined versatility and modern design makes this cocktail ottoman by Home Creek very thoughtful.


As far as ottomans go, this cowhide ottoman is on the large side at 3’x3’ and would easily accommodate a large living space. It would sit nicely in front of a large sectional sofa or oversized arm chair.  The ottoman doesn’t sit too high off of the ground at 17”, so it can still be used as a foot rest. The size of the ottoman allows the cowhide pattern to stand out as a dominant feature in a room design. This ottoman would be perfect for a customer who needs extra storage room as well. Each storage compartment is 15”L x15”W x 9” H and can be useful to store items not in use.



Home Creek Cowhide-Print Storage Cocktail Ottoman is a rustic, southwestern themed ottoman and coffee table combination. The cowhide ottoman will add to existing rustic designs or stand alone to throw a western touch into any living space. This can be ordered in brown or black cowhide patterns and can match many existing interior colors. The powerful fabric pattern will definitely be a focal point in any room. This cocktail ottoman has a very contemporary look when the cushions are turned over, to reveal a table top surface square or squares. A Texas inspired look with a more comfortable modern approach.



The versatility of this ottoman is impressive with four functions in one: a footstool, seat, storage and table. It can be used as a footstool when placed near a sofa or chair. It can also be used as extra seating with a comfortable, padded cushion. When one or more cushions are turned over, they can be used as a coffee table sections to place remotes, drinks, snacks or anything else a typical coffee table would be used for. There are four separate storage compartments underneath the lids that can be used for items that may not be in use. The items may not be in use, but one would want them nearby to be handy, such as remotes, magazines, board games or throw pillows and blankets. The compartments allow the stored items to be neatly organized in separate areas. Owners of this Home Creek ottoman appreciate its versatility.



This cowhide ottoman coffee table has many functions. In addition to being a stylish modern piece with a western theme, the overall usefulness is exceptional. The padded, cushion topped lids are a great idea that can change the look of the ottoman with minimal work and add value as a table. The size at 36”Lx36”W is perfect for someone looking for a large ottoman and the cowhide-print fabric adds a country feel. The surface area leaves room to sit while still having a portion of the ottoman available as a table top. Considering the larger size allows for more storage room, it is well suited to a customer looking for both. The only downside is possibly the weight. At 62 pounds it is on the heavy side, which means when the storage compartments are full, it can weigh quite a bit more. Most people won’t try lifting it at full capacity anyway, so this really shouldn’t be a problem. The price is very competitive for its useful factor and the storage capacity is just an added benefit to an already impressive ottoman. Such a large ottoman may not be for everyone.

Weston Home Cowhide Bench Review


The Weston Home Roman Cow Hide Fabric Storage Bench is a versatile piece of furniture. The ottoman’s dimensions are 43Wx17Dx18H inches. It is made of a sturdy hardwood to ensure durability. The lid is padded with foam for comfort and opens up to reveal ample storage. The faux cowhide fabric, gives a room a southwestern touch and a unique look. It has a sturdy design and a stylish look and feel. This review is taking into consideration the eye appeal as well as functional use of the Storage Bench. The price is on the low end for the quality customers are getting and makes this an affordable purchase.


Weston Home has constructed a solid wood frame for this cowhide ottoman. This durable bench will be able to handle being used as additional seating. The tough construction will allow customers to store their items with confidence. The weight, at only 28 pounds makes moving or rearranging this cowhide ottoman an easy task. In the living room, this bench could easily be used as a foot rest. The construction of this bench allows for even weight distribution if being used as seating. Placed at an entry way, one could sit down to remove their shoes and even store the shoes neatly inside the storage compartment of the bench. This bench has dependable strength of a functional furniture addition.



Although this storage ottoman is nice to look at, it is much more than a decorative foot stool. This cowhide storage bench has plenty of space to tuck away items that might clutter a room. The unique ideas for what to store inside this ottoman, are as individual as each customer and their needs. Placed near a door way to store shoes, this bench can keep an entry way uncluttered. Some customers have reported using the storage for additional linens or blankets. Other ideas may include clothing, children’s toys, board games, television remotes, magazines and arts and crafts. At 43 inches wide and 17 inches deep, there is plenty of room to neatly conceal home items. The storage benefit of these cowhide ottomans are a deciding factor for many customers.



Weston Home has added a foam padding to the lid of the Roman Cowhide Storage bench for added comfort. Whether the intended use is for sitting or as a foot rest, the padding will allow for a more comfortable feel. Some customers have used their ottoman in place of a coffee table. The soft foam padding protects from sharp edges and a dangerous hard surface. For parents with small children, this can be a necessity. The rounded, contoured lid adds to the overall feel of a comfortable room.



The look of a cowhide ottoman is reminiscent of home on range. With the demand for southwest style furniture on the rise, this bench has the right style. The color and pattern of the fabric, mimics real cowhide. The colors can integrate into most basic living areas. This style can add personality to a room that needs a lift. The cowhide color and pattern demands attention wherever it is placed. The size of this bench allows it to be added to many different living spaces, without taking up too much room. The shape can add symmetry to the middle of a room or sit nicely along a wall. Placed at the end of a bed as a foot locker, it can help transform the look of an entire bedroom.



The functional versatility of this cowhide ottoman makes it a solid investment. The only down side may be that it is faux cowhide. However, being faux cowhide allows it to be more affordable and many customers prefer it to real cowhide. The solid frame means it will withstand mild abuse from everyday living. The many uses for a storage ottoman gives it an advantage over the others. Using it as extra seating or for storage to tidy up a room makes it very versatile. The visual appeal of this soft, plush furniture will draw positive attention. This cowhide ottoman can add to a rustic room design or be the inspiration to transform a dull living space. If you are looking for a unique, functional addition to your furnishings and want the most for your money, the Weston Home Roman Cowhide Fabric Storage Bench will not disappoint you.

Kingsbury Home Versailles Cowhide X-base Vanity Stool Review

Looking for a piece of furniture that is fun and functional? We love this  cowhide footstool! It will make a fresh and trendy addition to your home and is a step away from your average everyday wood and steel offerings.

Trendy Modern Look

The most striking feature of this vanity stool has to be the seat. It is thick and padded and covered in a plush fabric adorned with a classic cowhide design.

Light and dark splashes of brown are set on an off-white backdrop creating an authentic farm-style look. The quality fabric covers the top of the seat and wraps completely around the sides giving it a classy and upmarket finish.

The seat is mounted onto an X-shaped metal frame which sports a matte chrome finish. The frame is light and we were impressed with the way the open pattern creates an uncluttered element of space and unobstructed design.

A chrome border runs along the underside of the length of the seat. Two X-shaped legs extend downwards on either side and are stylishly joined with a cross bar for strength and aesthetic appeal. This neat geometric shape of the frame adds a perfect contrast to the cosy plush fabric of the cushion.

Multiple Uses

At a first glance, this cowhide footstool is perfect for a rustic country-style home with a thatch roof and natural wood finishings. But don’t stop there! It will create a fabulous focal point in a modern man cave, a den, an entrance hall  or a study overflowing with books.

We see it in a bathroom, reflected in a massive wall mirror, with luxuriously soft brown and white towels complimenting the theme.

Place one in your entrance hall and use it as a seat when you take off your work shoes and slip into those open sandals or comfortable slippers.

Use it as a footstool next to your favourite chair to rest your feet after a hard day at work.

Because the design is short and low, kids will love it as a chair in their playroom and it can also be used to display all those furry soft toys, including a matching moo-cow!

A few too many friends arrive for your designer dinner? Let them join the party and sit on your cowhide furniture.

The seat of the stool is the perfect size to provide a tray holder standing next to a chair. If you love eating your dinner while watching TV, use this stool to hold your tray. Create extra space around the family dinner table and use the stools to hold trays filled with dishes or drinks.

Perhaps it is time to ditch your old piano stool and give your music room a facelift?

Place one as a foot stool at the end of your bed to add to your décor theme. Place one next to your bed to keep your reading glasses, hot chocolate and latest crime novel close at hand.

You will find this cowhide footstool to be a versatile and functional item.

The Technical Stuff

The cowhide stool comes packaged in a box and requires assembly. The process is easy and can be done in at home with everyday tools. Once assembled, the seat has a height of 18 inches, a width of 22 inches and a length of 16 inches. The seat is 2 inches deep and padded. It is quite firm, which we enjoyed, it certainly won’t sink in and create a permanent hollow.

The lower height makes it extra comfortable, allowing you to put your feet flat on the floor, ideal for those shorter people.

The cow hide stool weighs 15 pounds, light enough to move around easily but sturdy enough to support a person of average weight.

When the chair is not in use, simply fold it up. The legs close up flat under the seat, taking up minimal space. It can be stashed upright or lying flat in a closet. The flat shape also makes it easy to transport.


Do something different in your living space. These fun stools are sure to uplift the ambiance with their brown and white cowhide design, comfortable padded seat and smart geometric chrome finished X-shaped legs.