Best Cowhide Stools And Chairs You Can Buy Today

We were in the mood for something different and funky, so we set out to look for functional and fun furniture that was a step away from your everyday wood and steel offerings.

The task proved to be a bit more challenging than expected, but when we came across cowhide stools for sale we were sold!

Immediately one thinks farm-style rustic cottage, thatch roof and natural wood. But at a second glance we imagined these cowhide stools creating a wow-factor in a man cave or a den. Astound your guests when they sit down for dinner on cowhide chairs or use them to add a touch of quirkiness to an outdoor garden party.

#1 Kingsbury Home Versailles Cowhide X-base Vanity Stool

This cowhide stool was our No 1 choice. Firstly, it is offers a traditional stool shape and secondly, we loved the simple design with its lightweight, open and uncluttered frame.

The most striking feature has to be the seat. It is thick and padded, covered in a plush fabric adorned with a classic cowhide design. Rich brown splashes are set on an off-white backdrop creating an authentic country look. The seat is mounted onto an X-shaped metal frame which sports a matte chrome finish and can fold up if necessary making it extremely functional and versatile.

At only 18 inches high, this stool makes the perfect vanity seat, a great picnic chair, a piano stool, a cowhide foot stool, a bedside table for your reading glasses and books or a tray holder while you enjoy your dinner in front of the TV.

View my full review of this stool here.

#2 Linon Corey Bar Stool

When we found to our surprise how few true cowhide stools there are on offer, we decided to include some traditional chair shapes too. They are equally as fun and offer the extra support of a backrest.

This cute design certainly stood out!

The chair does require assembly, so make sure you have some basic DIY skills or a helpful friend.

This chair also offers a plush brown and cream cowhide pattern in true farm style. The  legs are straight and sturdy and blend perfectly into the design in a deep coffee brown. A convenient foot rest is a well thought out addition for those shorter people and children.

The chair is well padded and comfortable and the back rest offers extra support. We especially loved the antique bronze nail accents that run along the sides and bottom of the fabric, adding a luxurious and stylish finish to the overall design.

These chairs stand at 30 inches high, making them ideal for a dining room with a difference, as bar chairs or seating around your breakfast nook.

#3 Home Creek Julian Cowhide-Print Side Chairs

We certainly felt like the King of the Ranch sitting on these majestic,  sumptuous, large and imposing cowhide chairs. They are wide and deep and fabulously plush.


The back is slightly curved for extra comfort and the seat contains industrial spring coils that will last for years. The legs are manufactured from hardwood and have an espresso finish that blends perfectly with the classic brown and cream cowhide pattern. We loved the design of the base seat and high back merging into one coherent piece, creating a solid and stately look.

The chairs are surprisingly well priced as they come in a set of two. They do require assembly.

Use these cowhide dining chairs to create a statement in your entrance hall or corporate foyer. They are perfect for dining tables and as extra seating in your living space.

For ultimate style and class, create a magnificent time-out area, with two cowhide chairs standing on a rich luxurious mohair rug in front of a glowing warm fireplace.

#4 Cowhide Rawhide Leather Cowboy Barstools

When nothing but a genuine hee-haw Western cowboy style stool is what you are after, these are the cowhide stools of choice! They pull no punches with their real leather, hair-on-the-hide coverings. Experience the rich ranch ambiance, you can almost taste and smell that unique country feeling.

These heavy duty classic stools have round swivel seats on quality roller bearings set at 24 inches high. They come in a set of two and require assembly, which we found to be easy and trouble free.

The legs are manufactured from metal with a shiny chrome finish and there are functional well-thought out feet protectors at the end of each leg.

What we loved most was the appeal of the genuine leather, making each chair an art piece and uniquely different.

Every den or man cave is waiting for a couple of these genuine cowhide stools. Use them in your kitchen nook or on your closed patio. (Don’t leave them in the rain). They are also ideal for family rooms and trendy game rooms.

Do you have a country style restaurant? They will make a fabulous décor statement at your bar counter or in your waiting area.


Although we went specifically looking for cowhide stools, we didn’t find that many! We did however find some great cowhide chairs that do an equally good job and were so awesome that we had to mention them.

This season, do something different in your living space. Fun cowhide designs are sure to add a quirky element to the mood with their country-style brown and white patterns.