Home Creek Cowhide-Print Storage Cocktail Ottoman Review

This is a very bold ottoman by Home Creek. Its dimensions are fairly large at 36”L x 36”W x 17”H and weighs 62 pounds. This Cowhide ottoman, square in design, is unique because it can transform into a coffee table. Four separate padded cushions make up the lid portion and when the individual cushion is turned over, it becomes a table top surface. This ottoman also boasts of four separate storage compartments located under each cushion top. The cowhide print fabric is bold enough to offset other furniture and colors, while adding life to a typical living room.  The combined versatility and modern design makes this cocktail ottoman by Home Creek very thoughtful.


As far as ottomans go, this cowhide ottoman is on the large side at 3’x3’ and would easily accommodate a large living space. It would sit nicely in front of a large sectional sofa or oversized arm chair.  The ottoman doesn’t sit too high off of the ground at 17”, so it can still be used as a foot rest. The size of the ottoman allows the cowhide pattern to stand out as a dominant feature in a room design. This ottoman would be perfect for a customer who needs extra storage room as well. Each storage compartment is 15”L x15”W x 9” H and can be useful to store items not in use.



Home Creek Cowhide-Print Storage Cocktail Ottoman is a rustic, southwestern themed ottoman and coffee table combination. The cowhide ottoman will add to existing rustic designs or stand alone to throw a western touch into any living space. This can be ordered in brown or black cowhide patterns and can match many existing interior colors. The powerful fabric pattern will definitely be a focal point in any room. This cocktail ottoman has a very contemporary look when the cushions are turned over, to reveal a table top surface square or squares. A Texas inspired look with a more comfortable modern approach.



The versatility of this ottoman is impressive with four functions in one: a footstool, seat, storage and table. It can be used as a footstool when placed near a sofa or chair. It can also be used as extra seating with a comfortable, padded cushion. When one or more cushions are turned over, they can be used as a coffee table sections to place remotes, drinks, snacks or anything else a typical coffee table would be used for. There are four separate storage compartments underneath the lids that can be used for items that may not be in use. The items may not be in use, but one would want them nearby to be handy, such as remotes, magazines, board games or throw pillows and blankets. The compartments allow the stored items to be neatly organized in separate areas. Owners of this Home Creek ottoman appreciate its versatility.



This cowhide ottoman coffee table has many functions. In addition to being a stylish modern piece with a western theme, the overall usefulness is exceptional. The padded, cushion topped lids are a great idea that can change the look of the ottoman with minimal work and add value as a table. The size at 36”Lx36”W is perfect for someone looking for a large ottoman and the cowhide-print fabric adds a country feel. The surface area leaves room to sit while still having a portion of the ottoman available as a table top. Considering the larger size allows for more storage room, it is well suited to a customer looking for both. The only downside is possibly the weight. At 62 pounds it is on the heavy side, which means when the storage compartments are full, it can weigh quite a bit more. Most people won’t try lifting it at full capacity anyway, so this really shouldn’t be a problem. The price is very competitive for its useful factor and the storage capacity is just an added benefit to an already impressive ottoman. Such a large ottoman may not be for everyone.

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