Kingsbury Home Versailles Cowhide X-base Vanity Stool Review

Looking for a piece of furniture that is fun and functional? We love this  cowhide footstool! It will make a fresh and trendy addition to your home and is a step away from your average everyday wood and steel offerings.

Trendy Modern Look

The most striking feature of this vanity stool has to be the seat. It is thick and padded and covered in a plush fabric adorned with a classic cowhide design.

Light and dark splashes of brown are set on an off-white backdrop creating an authentic farm-style look. The quality fabric covers the top of the seat and wraps completely around the sides giving it a classy and upmarket finish.

The seat is mounted onto an X-shaped metal frame which sports a matte chrome finish. The frame is light and we were impressed with the way the open pattern creates an uncluttered element of space and unobstructed design.

A chrome border runs along the underside of the length of the seat. Two X-shaped legs extend downwards on either side and are stylishly joined with a cross bar for strength and aesthetic appeal. This neat geometric shape of the frame adds a perfect contrast to the cosy plush fabric of the cushion.

Multiple Uses

At a first glance, this cowhide footstool is perfect for a rustic country-style home with a thatch roof and natural wood finishings. But don’t stop there! It will create a fabulous focal point in a modern man cave, a den, an entrance hall  or a study overflowing with books.

We see it in a bathroom, reflected in a massive wall mirror, with luxuriously soft brown and white towels complimenting the theme.

Place one in your entrance hall and use it as a seat when you take off your work shoes and slip into those open sandals or comfortable slippers.

Use it as a footstool next to your favourite chair to rest your feet after a hard day at work.

Because the design is short and low, kids will love it as a chair in their playroom and it can also be used to display all those furry soft toys, including a matching moo-cow!

A few too many friends arrive for your designer dinner? Let them join the party and sit on your cowhide furniture.

The seat of the stool is the perfect size to provide a tray holder standing next to a chair. If you love eating your dinner while watching TV, use this stool to hold your tray. Create extra space around the family dinner table and use the stools to hold trays filled with dishes or drinks.

Perhaps it is time to ditch your old piano stool and give your music room a facelift?

Place one as a foot stool at the end of your bed to add to your décor theme. Place one next to your bed to keep your reading glasses, hot chocolate and latest crime novel close at hand.

You will find this cowhide footstool to be a versatile and functional item.

The Technical Stuff

The cowhide stool comes packaged in a box and requires assembly. The process is easy and can be done in at home with everyday tools. Once assembled, the seat has a height of 18 inches, a width of 22 inches and a length of 16 inches. The seat is 2 inches deep and padded. It is quite firm, which we enjoyed, it certainly won’t sink in and create a permanent hollow.

The lower height makes it extra comfortable, allowing you to put your feet flat on the floor, ideal for those shorter people.

The cow hide stool weighs 15 pounds, light enough to move around easily but sturdy enough to support a person of average weight.

When the chair is not in use, simply fold it up. The legs close up flat under the seat, taking up minimal space. It can be stashed upright or lying flat in a closet. The flat shape also makes it easy to transport.


Do something different in your living space. These fun stools are sure to uplift the ambiance with their brown and white cowhide design, comfortable padded seat and smart geometric chrome finished X-shaped legs.

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